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Trusteeships, Trust Structuring and Implementation
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Philanthropic Structures

At Anchor Trustees we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of independent trustee services.

Our purpose is to act as trustee and advisor to families and clients as well as to give input on optimal structures.

Utilising the collective capability of our team, developed from years of practice both locally and globally, we are able
to best serve your interests with the knowledge and skill that our substantial experience brings to each individual

The business of trusteeship is an exacting and specialised area requiring attentive and expert responsiveness.

We provide our clients the benefit of our knowledge and experience, however we do not provide formal investment
or fund management services, nor accountancy or legal advice. At Anchor Trustees we have forged relationships
with key New Zealand and international legal and accounting firms to ensure we can obtain independent
professional advice whenever necessary.

As a trustee, our focus is to obtain the best return for a trust fund within the investment parameters and terms of
the particular trust instrument, while taking into account the present and future needs of the beneficiaries.

The success of Anchor Trustees has always been based on our ability to nurture and develop relationships through
mutual trust, confidence, and integrity. This approach is the fundamental formula for successful partnerships all
over the globe.